BORP 2013 Bay Area Invitational – Junior Division Wheelchair Basketball Tournament Wrap-Up

BORP hosted an amazing Junior Division Wheelchair Basketball tournament in Berkeley on January 12 -13. 


Before a game at the 2013 Bay Area Invitational Jr. Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

The tournament started off with a fantastic reception for all the teams: Team Saint Lukes from Spokane, Washington; BORP’s Varsity and Varsity B-teams, the Utah Wrec ‘N’ Crew, the Portland Blazers, San Diego Prep, and BORP’s Prep team. District Attorney Nancy O’Malley and her husband John outdid themselves again and were incredible hosts for the event.  The teams enjoyed a terrific spread and were fueled-up and ready for the games to start.

Saturday started off with a bang.  Our announcers for the weekend made sure to give every athlete their moment in the spotlight, and brought a level of excitement and color to every moment of every game.  Many thanks go out to Steve Harwood, Bill Cosden, and Scott Butler for making each moment on the court larger than life. 


Chris Rodriguez on a fast break

As the BORP Varsity team opened the tournament, there was a little nervous excitement in the air and BORP and Spokane both had trouble getting on the board.  Eventually the team calmed down and was able to pull away posting a 44-34 victory.  Chris Rodriguez led the team in scoring with 16 points followed by Koda Inman-Ahlstrom and James Bohnett with ten points each, and William Luong adding 8 more.  Christie Levine, Cortney Outman, and Zach Penick continued to be amazing role players, setting picks and doing all the dirty work to allow their teammates to score.


Members of the BORP Bay Cruisers Varsity team before a game

The Prep team had their first game of the season against San Diego.  San Diego has a super strong Prep squad, with most of their kids playing in their third or fourth year.  BORP’s Prep team is new with Garnet Silver-Hall, Amit, and Jesus plying in their first competitive basketball games.  Avery, Dallas, and Ernesto Cappuccio became the veterans overnight and the kids played their hearts out. It was clear that our kids were a little outmatched through the weekend, and lost all three games to San Diego.  There were some great moments during the Prep games and as these kids get more experience they will become stronger and stronger over the next couple of years.  Dallas made a couple of baskets for the team and Amit was able to start learning his new role as a point guard, and added a couple of baskets of his own.  The future looks much brighter for the Prep squad, and Richie, Sam, and Coach Laura will get them rolling.


BORP Prep squad prepares for tip-off

Utah was next on the list for the Varsity squad.  This is quickly becoming a heated rivalry between the teams, with BORP beating Utah in Salt Lake City, and then losing (badly) to them in Phoenix.  This was going to be the first of two games between the teams over the weekend and set the tone for the Conference Championship Tournament that will be held in March.


James Bohnett shares a laugh with an opponent

James Bohnett led the team in scoring, with 29 points, including 19 in the second half.  Koda added 19 points and Chris and William pitched in four and three points to add to the total and give the team a 55-40 win.  This was a HUGE victory and helped secure a top 15 ranking.  Once again, our role players (Cortney, Christie, and Zach) continued to grind the other team down and continue to be the key to the team’s success.

This year introduced a new Varsity “B” team.  This is an extension of the varsity team but allows BORP to focus playing time on the athletes that cannot travel for one reason or another and dedicate more playing time to some of the role players and younger kids.  It also lets the older players teach the newer kids their roles.  With Koda running the floor, it gave us an opportunity to see Amit play against older kids and help build confidence and gain experience.  Bradley Benz got to learn his role from Cortney and Christie, and Daniel Diana and Matthew Hatae got a chance to perform the things they have been working on in practice.  This also gave us a chance to have Sean Kelker come in and play in a real, competitive youth game and get a feel for the sport. 

BORP pulled out a 19-13 victory against a new team from Portland, and it was awesome seeing so many new kids getting on the court.  It also really showed how much the Varsity team has improved over the past couple of years because they were in that very position of being the “new kids” not too long ago.


Coach Trooper Johnson discusses strategy with his team

Day one finished with a bang.  The party for the kids at the hotel, which included a DJ and what must of seemed like half a cow was described as simply “off the hook” and for most of the kids something that was talked about all day Sunday.  Thanks to Na’ama and Jennifer for setting that up, and thanks to Michael an Sylvia for the food.  The kids loved it.

Day two did not start off well for BORP.  The varsity “B” team was spanked by Portland in a game that simply had no flow to it.  Every shot that went up could not find it’s way into the basket, and it seemed like every time Portland shot the ball it found a way to go in.  Portland handed the team a 33-18 beating that was in all honesty not even as close as the score looked. 

The final game of the day and the tournament was a rematch between BORP’s Varsity team and the Utah Wreck ‘N’ Crew.  Utah started off scoring on their first possession off the tip.  After the Bay Cruisers tied it up they were able to take a lead and never looked back.  Neither team wanted to give an inch, and both squads pressed for almost the entire game.  Zach was assigned the big guy from Utah, Marcus Brockman.  “Big” it is probably a slight understatement.  He is 6’10 and if he gets anywhere near the basket he is deadly.  Zach did an amazing job making the big guy work at both ends of the court tiring him out as much as possible and it threw the Utah team off their rhythm.


Zach and James defend Utah’s big guy, Marcus Brockman

Koda, William, and James pressured the guard line-up, and Chris picked up anyone that came through.  BORP was able to get a few turnovers and frustrate Utah, and started to slowly build a lead.  With only a few minutes left in the game, Utah made their run, pulling within four points.  James took control again with a two quick steals and conversions to get BORP back on track, and eventually the Bay Cruisers pulled away for a 58-49 victory.  This was a true team victory.  James led the team in scoring, but everyone contributed in some way.  “This game was one of the most exciting games I have ever been a part of” said Coach Johnson.  

This victory was big.  It gave BORP a 3-1 record against Utah on the season and puts BORP in a position for a bid for the National Championship Tournament in KY with a 9-2 record overall.  This is something the varsity team has worked on for years and has not been able to reach. 

Congratulations to all the kids that participated in the event.  You all were amazing!

See highlights from the BORP Bay Cruiser’s victory over Utah on BORP’s Vimeo page!


BORP Youth Basketball Tournament This Weekend


BORP’s varsity and prep wheelchair basketball teams are hosting a tournament in Berkeley this weekend. Saturday is at James Kenney Rec Center and Sunday is at the Berkeley Young Adult Project (BYAP). They will be playing teams from Salt Lake City, Portland, Spokane and San Diego.

If you can get out to cheer for them I know it would be appreciated and you’ll get to see some great hoops (and its free).

Flier with exact game schedule 2013 Tournament Schedule

Saturday 9-6
James Kenney
1720 8th Str. (cross street Virginia)

Sunday 9-4
1730 Oregon Str. (near MLK Jr. Way and Ashby)


Power Soccer Tournament Saturday Jan 26th

Hey Power Soccer fans,

The BORP Bay Earthquakes will host the SoCal Vaqueros and Hollister Free Wheelers at James Kenney Recreation Center, 1720 8th Str.  Berkeley from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on January 26, 2013.

All 3 teams are top performers at the national level and competition is sure to be intense. Spectators are welcome.

A flier for the tournament is attached.
Please help spread the word.



New Classes at The BORP Fitness Studio

BORP is happy to announce the introduction of two new classes. One Guided Meditation class on Tuesday evenings, and one early morning All Levels Yoga class. Both classes are taught by RYT Julia Richardson.

Guided Meditation is offered on Tuesday evenings from 8-9 PM. You will learn how to sit for meditation using a wheelchair or folding chair and also a bolster or zafu. Students will be guided in techniques to quiet, relax and open the mind and heart, nourish serenity and explore self-awareness. If you’re struggling to quiet and focus during meditation, have never meditated before, or wish to enrich your practice this is the class for you!

The All Levels Yoga class is offered on Wednesday morning from 7:30-8:30 AM. The sequence is designed to energize, center and refresh you before work. Postures are accessible for all levels of skill, including those who would like a more dynamic and challenging exercise. Variations are enthusiastically given for limited movement and injuries.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Drop in or sign up using our online MindBody registration system:

January Yoga Series at BORP with Nancy Yates

Yoga Instructor Nancy Yates

Nancy’s classes at BORP Fitness Center have been just what I need to stay flexible as I grow older. Her focus on breathing and slow stretching has improved my core strength, and encourages my awareness of the small places I hold tension. I feel better, more calm and in charge of my body after her class. The poses she chooses to teach are perfect for improving balance – one of the most important elements of posture and staying on your own two feet in an aging body. She has a good sense of humor, and radiates an attitude of helpfulness and understanding of any physical limitation that one might have. I have found a yoga environment I can trust to make me feel good and strong.
Thanks Nancy,


Senior Yoga Instructor Nancy Yates is offering a special series of 3  Private Group Sessions on Fridays, beginning January 11, 2013.

– Time 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

– Three 2 hour private group sessions on the following Friday’s, Jan 11th, 18th, and 25th

– Fee: $150 for the entire series of  three sessions. Fee for each individual Workshop is $55.

Advanced Registration is required. To reserve your space for the session please contact Nancy directly using her contact info at the end of this post. Payment is made directly to Nancy Yates.

This series will be based on Breath awareness. Each session will include extensions, balance, strengthening and restorative postures.

1)“Letting Go Of Everything Less Than Love”  (perfect mindset for 2013)

Special emphasis on the relationship of opening your Breath and heart during  each posture.

2)“Nothing To Lose But Stress & The Blues”  (post-holiday restorative)

Special emphasis on restorative postures, including  meditations that work for you anytime.

3)“Falling In Love With Your Breath”  (expanding into the New Year)

Special emphasis on sensing the Breath and learning how to direct the flow of your Breath.

Chai & healthy treats will be provided. See you!

RSVP Nancy directly at  415-346-8119 or


BORP Goalball Tournament 18 Highlights

Goalball players and referees at the tournament.

Goalball players and referees at the tournament.

Hello Goalball Fans,

Five teams gathered at James Kenny Gym on November 18 to compete for the 18th BORP Goalball Invitational title. The competition was intense and the Championship game was an all-time classic featuring a dramatic turn-around and a thrilling finish.

In addition to the many BORP stalwarts, the teams were sprinkled with BORP alumni from long distance including:

Green Monsters

Kamilla Ryding – Denmark
Karla Gilbride – Washington DC
Jon Simeone – Portland, OR

Bianca Stokkingreef – Netherlands
Matt Simpson – Colorado Springs, CO

Joseph Hamilton – Washington, DC

Green Monsters (Ryding, Gilbride, Lopez, Simeone) couldn’t find an offensive groove and came in 5th.

Fist of Fury (Hakopian, Stubbert, Del Toro, Yoo) had an erratic day which cost them defensively and landed them in 4th. Wolverines (Kuan, Johnson, Stokkingreef, Simpson) improved throughout the day and played their strongest game in the 3rd Place final winning the bronze 9-6 over Fist of Fury.

Roger Acuna of team Nillasauras winds up to fire a shot

Roger Acuna of team Nillasauras winds up to fire a shot

 (Hamilton, Garcia, Acuna) and Racer 5s (Young, Fisher, Lauridsen) finished 1-2 in pool play and matched up for the final. Racer 5s was hoping to reverse an earlier pool play defeat to Nillasauras and took a 3-0 halftime lead behind 2 goals from Young and 1 from Fisher (including a goal by Fisher with 1 second left in the half).
The Nillas showed signs of life with a goal on their first throw of the 2nd half but the Racers quickly answered to keep their 3 goal advantage. Both teams tightened their defenses for the next minute and a half but then the Nillas went on a 3 goal spree and tied the game at 4 with 2.27 to go. The Racers went up 5-4 only 2 throws later but were immediately answered on the next throw to go to 5-5. With 1:14 left the Racers Young blasted a ball into the Nillas goal and a 6-5 lead. However 30 seconds later Nillan Acuna got the tying goal and on the very next Nilla throw with 28 seconds left, Hamilton put the Nillas ahead 7-6 with the winning goal!
Nillasauras 7 – Racer 5s 6

Khemnesuel Fisher sliding to block a throw

Khemnesuel Fisher sliding to block a throw

Post game commentary focused on the all-around excellent play by the women in tournament. Fearless defense and timely offense from the women made a difference in almost every game. Green Monsters’ Ryding led all women in scoring with 6 goals. Nillasauran Christella Garcia had 5 goals and led all players in busted lips and eye-shade checks for her many face-first blocks.

Kammi Ryding prepares to throw

Kammi Ryding prepares to throw

Nillasauras’s Joe Hamilton and Coach Matt Boyle are the first to ever win the BORP Goalball Tournament and a National Championship in the same year.

Wolverine Shen Kuan played in his 16th BORP tournament and Nillan Roger Acuna his 15th. Roger has played in 9 championship games and won 7 titles and is first in both categories. Roger is also te all-time scoring leader at 122

Individual Scoring Totals for Tournament 18 (second number is career BORP Tournament goals)
* = first year at the BORP Tournament
Young – 23 – 109
* Simpson – 15 – 15
Hamilton – 12 – 65
Hakopian – 12 – 84
Acuna – 9 – 122
* Del Toro – 8 – 8
Ryding – 6 – 31
Fisher – 6 – 57
Garcia – 5 – 17
Lopez – 5 – 25
Kuan – 3 – 66
Gilbride – 1 – 4
Simeone – 1 – 12
Lauridsen – 1 – 3
Johnson – 1 – 86
Stokkingreef – 0 – 4
Yoo – 0 – 1
* Stubbert – 0 – 0

Abel Del Toro defending a penalty shot

Abel Del Toro defending a penalty shot

Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors:
18 years: BORP, Innovative Interfaces, Nakashima Fine Arts
17 years: Sue Johnson, Custom Lamps and Shades, Scot Goodman Photography
14 years: Vision Faire Optometry
12 years: Zander Associates, Environmental Consultants
7 years: CamelBak
3 years: Ikeda/Greenwood Family (BEST LUNCH EVER!)

Thanks to the Delta Gammas for their invaluable ongoing program support!

Thanks to all the volunteers! As I said at the end of the day, I believe we have the best volunteer support of any goalball tournament I know of. Everyone seems to come with the same positive attitude and interest in making the event the best possible experience for the teams (and the Tournament Director).

Thanks to my fellow referees, Lauran and Scott for a great job in their first (but hopefully not last) official BORP goalball competition. Smile!

Thanks to Lucy and Mike for the traditional post-tournament chili dinner and sharing the tasty brews from their “beer cellar.”

Thanks to Scot Goodman for his full tilt all-day photographic coverage and good-natured management of the group photo challenge.

Thanks to Todd Kerr of the Berkeley Times for covering the goalball tournament and his deep appreciation of the athletes and BORP.

Thanks to Dawn Nakashima (Nakashima Fine Arts) for another tremendous t-shirt design.

Have a great Thanksgiving and hope to see you at BORP Goalball Invitational 19!


Basketball Tournament

Golden State Road Warriors (including BORP participants: Chuck Gill, Trooper Johnson, Mickey Kay, Marcus Oden) will host a tournament in San Jose on Dec. 1/2, 2012.

See the attached flier.

2012 Road Warrior Tournament (1)