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New Athletic Opportunity for Athletes of All Abilities

Hey All,

The Cal Triathlon team is opening up their program to all athletes.

You do not have to be a triathlete (or a Cal student) to take 
advantage of this opportunity, just be someone who would like to 
train and participate in any (or a combination of any) of triathlon's 
If you are interested, please read the following message from the 

Cal Triathlon Team and/or if you know someone who might be 
interested, please help spread the word.

Go Bears!
One look at the sport’s rich rich history, as well as our team’s
background and mission statement, will tell you that we have 
always held to the belief that triathlon is for anyone and everyone. 
Starting spring 2013, Cal triathlon will officially be an all-inclusive 
team. We would like to invite athletes of all abilities to come 
to our recruitment meeting on February 4th, 2013 at 7:00 PM 
(location TBA).

Why join?
•	Be part of the best collegiate team in the nation.
•	Stay active. Stay Healthy.
•	Have a dedicated coaching staff with an optimum training 
•	Meet a friendly group of triathletes that loves to train just as 
        much as you do.
•	Find a training buddy that will keep you motivated throughout 
        the year.
•	Have access to training facilities and equipment (with the 
        support from BORP**).
•	Have the opportunity to represent UC Berkeley in races all 
        around California.
•	Challenge your limits in relay races or full triathlons.
•	And most important, a wide range of team practices designed        
        for all abilities.

Training Schedule
•	Swim: Hearst Pool @ 3:00 PM
•	Run: Hearst @ 4:15 PM
•	Run: Krobert @ 4:00 PM
•	Bike: The Farm @ 5:00 PM
•	Bike: RSF spin room @ 4:00 PM
•	Swim: Golden Bear Pool @ 7:00-8:10 PM
•	Swim: Golden Bear Pool @ 8:10-9:00 PM
•	Run: Edwards Track @ 5:00 PM
•	Swim: Hearts Pool @ 8:00 PM
•	Bike: Krobert @ 3:00 PM
•	Bike: Krobert @ 9:00 AM
•	Run: Krobert @ 9:00 AM
•	Swim: Spieker Pool @ 8:00 PM
Note: Practices are NOT mandatory. Come to as many or as little 
as your heart and body desires. All abilities are welcome.

Any questions?   
Find more information on our website: ;
or e-mail ! See you on Monday!
** Partnership with BORP**

For more than 30 years, Bay Area Outreach & Recreation 
Program (BORP) has been providing accessible sports 
and recreational programs to children, adults, and families 
all over the Bay Area. Cal Triathlon is honored to have 
the support of such a prominent non-profit organization.



Power Soccer Tournament Highlights


Congratulations to the Bombers and Crushers for their spirited and relentless play today. For the Bombers I especially want to salute their teamwork and never-say-die attitude in games in which they couldn’t find their offense and could easily have given up. For the Crushers I was impressed by the new-found aggressiveness that paid off with lots of offense and a thrilling 1-0 victory over the Kryptonite Pride. While there were many tremendous scores (and near scores) throughout the day, the one that stands out for me was the Bath to Balcziunas goal in the game vs the Pride. This was a precision strike that beat the Pride goalie, a former USA team player, with ease!

Offensive stars for the day were:
John Starks: 2 goals, 1 assist
Milo Balcziunas: 5 goals
Stanley Kuang: 2 goals (his first ever)
Ian Kinmont: 1 assist
Jake Bath: 2 goals and 3 assists

Defensive stars were:
The whole dang Crushers roster
Luis Campos with some amazing stops in goal for the Bombers.

Accolades of the highest order to the Booster Club for the delicious lunch and snacks.

Thanks to:
The referees for their fair-minded, conscientious management of the games.
Matt, Jessica and Courtney for their volunteer assistance at the score table
Our outstanding pit crew for their usual but never to be taken for granted excellent work with everyone’s equipment.
Todd Kerr and the Berkeley Times for covering today’s matches. I’ll let you all know when the article is published.

Hope everyone has a joyous Sunday and Thanksgiving weekend!

See you in December,


October 20 Power Soccer Recap

That was fun!

In their first games of the season the Crushers showed great competitiveness, spirit and execution on set plays as they went 1-1.

In their first game a tense back-and-forth struggle between the San Jose Rockets and the Crushers looked like it would end in a 1-1 tie. However with less than a minute to go precise passes on a corner kick from Jake Bath and Ian Kinmont were deftly converted into the winning goal by Ruby Shemaria. Crushers win 2-1! Jake Bath had the first goal for the Crushers. A tip of the hat to Coaches Evonn Balcziunas and Travis Bath for calling for the set play that led to the score.

Game 2 pitted the Crushers against a very experienced Hollister side that has the personnel to score in bunches. The Crushers managed a great defensive effort but couldn’t find their offensive mojo and took a 2-0 loss.

Every Crusher (April Bryant, Milo Balcziunas, Jake Bath, Ian Kinmont, Stanley Kuang, Cosmo Rudd, Ruby Shemaria, John Starks) contributed to the wonderful day for the team. New Crushers Cosmo Rudd and Stanley Kuang played in their first games ever and performed like veterans in their debuts.

Thanks to all the friends and families for making it to Alviso to support the team.


Charity Poker Event to Benefit BORP!

Hello BORP fans! Are you ready to shuffle up and deal? This summer BORP is partnering with Walnut Creek Rotary Club at their charity poker event July 28, 2012 11 AM at the Pyramid Alehouse, 1410 Locust Street in Walnut Creek. The way the partnership works is the more people from BORP that we can bring to their charity poker tournament, the more money BORP will receive in a donation from the Rotary Club. If we get 25 people to come they will donate $1000 to BORP. The tournament is a lot of fun, lunch is included and if you register on their website by July 14 you get an extra $200 in chips to start!
On the day of the tournament please arrive by 10:30 AM and mention you are there to support BORP. BORP’s own Chris  Finn will be there at the registration table and playing in the tournament. Yes he will finally get to play in a tournament! Remember to register early by July 14 on the website above to get your extra $200 in chips! If you have any questions go to the website and click on the contact name Tim Green. Make sure to tell him you’re coming to support BORP.
The way the poker tournament works:
Buy in: $50
Rebuys: $20 through round five if you go out of chips
Addon: $25 at the end of round five (receive in addition to what you have the same amount of chips you started with)
First place: $1000
Second place: $500
Third-place: $250
Fourth-place: $125
Fifth-place: $75
Sixth place: $50
7-9 place: $25 gift card
Here is the link to the flyer Rotary 2012

Did you Listen to Your Breath Today?

Mark your calendar as we learn how to DISCOVER the potency of our breath. Come and join Nancy Yates (Yoga  Instructor to Seniors, Veterans,Visually Impaired/Blind & Disability Communities) at the San Francisco LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired on: Saturday, June 16th, 2012, from 3:30 to 5:30, 214 Van Ness Avenue, SF 94102, close to the Civic Center BART Station (easy).
We will playfully stretch, breathe, and giggle! Did you know that your shoulder muscles can restrict your breathing. Your jaw muscles can restrict your breathing.Your chest muscles can restrict your breathing. Your ankle muscles can restrict your breathing. There are about 75 trillion cells in your body, and they are all breathing—or should be!
Join us for this “expansive breathing experience.” This Workshop will be held at: San Francisco LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired. We suggest a donation of $15 or more to cover expenses, no one is ever turned away because of money. We want YOU there! This Workshop will fill up fast. To RSVP Contact Brandon Young, Blind Leaders Specialist OR, T-415-346-8119deelish organic strawberries afterward.  See you there, Pinky, Yalie, Tango! woof, woof  

Accessible Yoga Teacher Training

Accessible Yoga Teacher Training is an Integral Yoga teacher training certification program specifically designed for training people with disabilities to become Yoga teachers. It is the only program in the U.S. that meets national standards and focuses on being available to people who have paralysis, a disability, chronic illness, or physical limitation.

Our Basic Training offers a foundation in basic Yoga principles and teaching methodology. The curriculum is very similar to the content of the Integral Yoga Basic Teacher Training program, giving teachers all the knowledge they need to teach beginners-level Yoga. The main difference in this program is the extra effort made to make the material easy to learn and integrate. We also offer extra support for students as they experience the transformational process of a teacher training program. Also, sliding scale tuition makes the program financially accessible.
Click IYI_TT_Accessible Yoga_r2  for a class flyer

Om Shanti,

Wheelchair Ballroom Dancing Study for People with Spinal Cord Injuries

We will be examining the therapeutic effectiveness of a wheelchair ballroom/Latin dancing program that will take place for six weeks, from July 16th to August 24th.  The dance program will run simultaneously at three different locations in the Bay Area (San Jose, Palo Alto, and the East Bay).  At each location, there will be two dance sessions a week for the six weeks.  Each dance session will be approximately two hours.  Participants will have to come to the Palo Alto VA for assessments before and after the study.  Each assessment session will take approximately three hours and will be performed by our research staff.  The last day of the dance program will be a voluntary dance competition combining everyone from all three locations.  The participants of the dance competition will be competing for cash prizes.

American DanceWheels ( will be coming to teach the full dance course at each location.  They specialize in wheelchair ballroom and Latin dancing and normally partner one able-bodied person with one disabled person.   Along with the wheelchair dancing study, American DanceWheels will be holding a teacher certification course for wheelchair ballroom dancing over the course of two weekends.

Feel free to forward this information along and those who are interested or have questions can e-mail or call (650) 493-5000 ext. 65635.

See the attached flyer for more info  wc dancing flyer