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New Athletic Opportunity for Athletes of All Abilities

Hey All,

The Cal Triathlon team is opening up their program to all athletes.

You do not have to be a triathlete (or a Cal student) to take 
advantage of this opportunity, just be someone who would like to 
train and participate in any (or a combination of any) of triathlon's 
If you are interested, please read the following message from the 

Cal Triathlon Team and/or if you know someone who might be 
interested, please help spread the word.

Go Bears!
One look at the sport’s rich rich history, as well as our team’s
background and mission statement, will tell you that we have 
always held to the belief that triathlon is for anyone and everyone. 
Starting spring 2013, Cal triathlon will officially be an all-inclusive 
team. We would like to invite athletes of all abilities to come 
to our recruitment meeting on February 4th, 2013 at 7:00 PM 
(location TBA).

Why join?
•	Be part of the best collegiate team in the nation.
•	Stay active. Stay Healthy.
•	Have a dedicated coaching staff with an optimum training 
•	Meet a friendly group of triathletes that loves to train just as 
        much as you do.
•	Find a training buddy that will keep you motivated throughout 
        the year.
•	Have access to training facilities and equipment (with the 
        support from BORP**).
•	Have the opportunity to represent UC Berkeley in races all 
        around California.
•	Challenge your limits in relay races or full triathlons.
•	And most important, a wide range of team practices designed        
        for all abilities.

Training Schedule
•	Swim: Hearst Pool @ 3:00 PM
•	Run: Hearst @ 4:15 PM
•	Run: Krobert @ 4:00 PM
•	Bike: The Farm @ 5:00 PM
•	Bike: RSF spin room @ 4:00 PM
•	Swim: Golden Bear Pool @ 7:00-8:10 PM
•	Swim: Golden Bear Pool @ 8:10-9:00 PM
•	Run: Edwards Track @ 5:00 PM
•	Swim: Hearts Pool @ 8:00 PM
•	Bike: Krobert @ 3:00 PM
•	Bike: Krobert @ 9:00 AM
•	Run: Krobert @ 9:00 AM
•	Swim: Spieker Pool @ 8:00 PM
Note: Practices are NOT mandatory. Come to as many or as little 
as your heart and body desires. All abilities are welcome.

Any questions?   
Find more information on our website: ;
or e-mail ! See you on Monday!
** Partnership with BORP**

For more than 30 years, Bay Area Outreach & Recreation 
Program (BORP) has been providing accessible sports 
and recreational programs to children, adults, and families 
all over the Bay Area. Cal Triathlon is honored to have 
the support of such a prominent non-profit organization.



Sled Hockey-BORP kids win in L.A.!

BORP Kids win in L.A.

Hello Cruisers!!

What an amazing weekend.
The BORP Youth Sled Hockey team went down to LA for the first ever NorCal vs. SoCal Youth Sled Hockey game and came out as champions.

The kids played an amazing game, using their speed to control the pace of the game and keeping pressure on the kids from SoCal the entire game.  SoCal played a physical game, taking every opportunity to check our kids but they could not clear the puck out of the zone and we controlled the puck for most of the first period.

The game was tied until the second period when we were finally able to get on the scoreboard.  We sent the puck deep into the corner to get possession deep in their zone.  Isaiah and Koda worked hard to get the puck and sent it across to Chris.  The puck got sent in off a stick, went back to Koda and he was able to finally get one past the goalie to give us a 1-0 lead.  SoCal came back a with a few minutes left in the second period to tie the game at 1-1 off a clean break out of a pile at the blue line.  Their top player was able to come across the ice and get one past our goalie’s glove.

Going into the third period, SoCal turned up the pressure a bit and was able to get the puck deep into our zone and control the battle against the boards. We were able to change the momentum when we started to constantly check the puck handlers for the other team.  Zach nailed their big guy every chance he got and this freed the puck for his teammates.  It not only limited their ability to move, but also allowed us to regain control of the puck and created breakaway chances.

Chris made some great passes and Koda was able to break free with Isaiah on a 2-on1 only to have the goalie shut them down.  Then we were able to break in again and hit the post – no goal.

Then we broke in again with Koda bringing the puck up the right side.  He played it perfectly, freezing the goalie for a second and passing it over to Garnett for a shot.  Unfortunately the goalie played it just as perfect and was able to slide across and make the save.

At the midway point of the period, with SoCal trying to clear the puck out of their end, the little beast named Ernesto was able to hold the puck in the zone.  It became a scrum but we came out with control and moved from the left side of the ice to the right.  Koda lined up for a shot and the goalie came out to challenge him.  He passed it off with a hard pass to Zach and Zach deflected the puck in to give us the lead!!  (It was pretty freakin awesome)

We were in full control of the tempo of the game from that point on… Until-
A bad pass in the neutral zone lead to a break-away from SoCal’s top athlete.  Our defense could not get back fast enough to challenge and it was just him and the goalie.  He shot a rocket of a shot, beating the goalie high on his glove side, the crowd went wild.  Unfortunately (for him) he had shot it just wide and the players on the ice were the only ones that recognized it. Everyone just expected it to go in.

This kept the puck deep in our end though and we were battling in the corners to get it free.  Isiaih finally got the puck from the pile and sent it up the boards to Garnett and he was ale to clear the zone.  This allowed us to regroup a bit and shift momentum back in our direction.

With one final clear of the puck after a face-off win the kids counted down the time to their first ever Sled Hockey victory!

It was amazing watching the kids come together, work so hard, support each other, and have a blast.
Congratulations to the following kids for being the Champions of the very FIRST NorCal vs. SoCal Youth Sled Hockey game.
Ernesto Cappuccio
Isaiah Ahlstrom
Koda Inman-Ahlstrom (Scored the very first goal for this event)
Chris Rodriguez
Garnett Silver-Hall
and Zach Penick (Scored the game winning goal)

Daniel, we hope you get better fast, and Zach (little Zach) we hope to see you soon.

BORP kids ROCK!!!

Charity Poker Event to Benefit BORP!

Hello BORP fans! Are you ready to shuffle up and deal? This summer BORP is partnering with Walnut Creek Rotary Club at their charity poker event July 28, 2012 11 AM at the Pyramid Alehouse, 1410 Locust Street in Walnut Creek. The way the partnership works is the more people from BORP that we can bring to their charity poker tournament, the more money BORP will receive in a donation from the Rotary Club. If we get 25 people to come they will donate $1000 to BORP. The tournament is a lot of fun, lunch is included and if you register on their website by July 14 you get an extra $200 in chips to start!
On the day of the tournament please arrive by 10:30 AM and mention you are there to support BORP. BORP’s own Chris  Finn will be there at the registration table and playing in the tournament. Yes he will finally get to play in a tournament! Remember to register early by July 14 on the website above to get your extra $200 in chips! If you have any questions go to the website and click on the contact name Tim Green. Make sure to tell him you’re coming to support BORP.
The way the poker tournament works:
Buy in: $50
Rebuys: $20 through round five if you go out of chips
Addon: $25 at the end of round five (receive in addition to what you have the same amount of chips you started with)
First place: $1000
Second place: $500
Third-place: $250
Fourth-place: $125
Fifth-place: $75
Sixth place: $50
7-9 place: $25 gift card
Here is the link to the flyer Rotary 2012

Registration for the REV is OPEN!

Howdy BORP Revolution Fans,

Join BORP on Saturday October 6th for a fantastic festival, as well as great rides. BORP is excited to be celebrating our 10th annual ride this year! In addition to a new route we have added a roll and stroll through the Trentadue vineyards. So if cycling isn’t your thing you can roll or stroll among the vines and help support BORP.

The brand new REV registration portal is now open. Click Here to get to our website registration page. Start your engines and let the world know that the Revolution Ride is coming!

BORP Cycling Goes to China

China's newest handcyclist.

BORP Cycling Coordinator Greg Milano is currently in Guangzhou, China for the Sports United US/China Inclusive Sports and Recreation Professional Exchange Program.

Chinese Track Team works out.

Greetings from China!  I am honored to be working with 9 other US delegates learning about adaptive programs in China and providing training for Chinese professionals and students.

China women's wheelchair racers meet US paralympic gold medalist Linda Mastrandrea

We’ve visited several schools and provided several workshops already.  I brought a handcycle in my luggage (really I did!) and have been getting as many people as possible on the wheels.  No one here I have met yet has seen one in person before.  They have a bike path on the river, so of course I am trying to convince them to start a program just like BORP’s!

US delegates take on students from our host GETCH, refereed by US paralympic gold medalist and former BORP coach Susie Grimes.

BORP’s Cycling Center Reopens on Saturday, March 3rd

Cycling Season Begins!

March Hours:
Saturday 9 – 1
Tuesday 1 – 6
Thursday 1 – 6

BORP’s Adaptive Cycling Center in Berkeley is open for group rides and independent riding and training.  BORP has the biggest and most diverse fleet of adaptive bikes in the world!  Over 65 handcycles, tandems, recumbent trikes, and therapeutic trikes are available in adult and youth sizes.  No appointment is necessary during regular hours.

BORP’s staff and volunteers can help you determine and adjust the best bike for you and get you on the road.  We encourage our riders to come as often as possible.  Over 30 miles of safe, mostly flat bike trails are accessible directly from our center.

Ride on your own or join our social and training rides for independent riders at 10 am on Saturday.  Or you can organize your own group meeting time and make it happen.
Youth under 18 must be accompanied by an adult guardian or join our youth group rides which begin in May.

Directions, information on costs, and more info can be found on BORP’s website

See you at the bike house!

Chris Finn Day in San Leandro!

That’s right! Our very own Chris Finn, Head Coach of the USA Power Soccer Team was honored at the San Leandro City Council meeting last night. Today, Oct 18th has been proclaimed Chris Finn Day.
Read the proclamation: Chris Finn
Take a look at the video

Congratulations  Chris and good luck in France.

Go Team USA!