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Sled Hockey-BORP kids win in L.A.!

BORP Kids win in L.A.

Hello Cruisers!!

What an amazing weekend.
The BORP Youth Sled Hockey team went down to LA for the first ever NorCal vs. SoCal Youth Sled Hockey game and came out as champions.

The kids played an amazing game, using their speed to control the pace of the game and keeping pressure on the kids from SoCal the entire game.  SoCal played a physical game, taking every opportunity to check our kids but they could not clear the puck out of the zone and we controlled the puck for most of the first period.

The game was tied until the second period when we were finally able to get on the scoreboard.  We sent the puck deep into the corner to get possession deep in their zone.  Isaiah and Koda worked hard to get the puck and sent it across to Chris.  The puck got sent in off a stick, went back to Koda and he was able to finally get one past the goalie to give us a 1-0 lead.  SoCal came back a with a few minutes left in the second period to tie the game at 1-1 off a clean break out of a pile at the blue line.  Their top player was able to come across the ice and get one past our goalie’s glove.

Going into the third period, SoCal turned up the pressure a bit and was able to get the puck deep into our zone and control the battle against the boards. We were able to change the momentum when we started to constantly check the puck handlers for the other team.  Zach nailed their big guy every chance he got and this freed the puck for his teammates.  It not only limited their ability to move, but also allowed us to regain control of the puck and created breakaway chances.

Chris made some great passes and Koda was able to break free with Isaiah on a 2-on1 only to have the goalie shut them down.  Then we were able to break in again and hit the post – no goal.

Then we broke in again with Koda bringing the puck up the right side.  He played it perfectly, freezing the goalie for a second and passing it over to Garnett for a shot.  Unfortunately the goalie played it just as perfect and was able to slide across and make the save.

At the midway point of the period, with SoCal trying to clear the puck out of their end, the little beast named Ernesto was able to hold the puck in the zone.  It became a scrum but we came out with control and moved from the left side of the ice to the right.  Koda lined up for a shot and the goalie came out to challenge him.  He passed it off with a hard pass to Zach and Zach deflected the puck in to give us the lead!!  (It was pretty freakin awesome)

We were in full control of the tempo of the game from that point on… Until-
A bad pass in the neutral zone lead to a break-away from SoCal’s top athlete.  Our defense could not get back fast enough to challenge and it was just him and the goalie.  He shot a rocket of a shot, beating the goalie high on his glove side, the crowd went wild.  Unfortunately (for him) he had shot it just wide and the players on the ice were the only ones that recognized it. Everyone just expected it to go in.

This kept the puck deep in our end though and we were battling in the corners to get it free.  Isiaih finally got the puck from the pile and sent it up the boards to Garnett and he was ale to clear the zone.  This allowed us to regroup a bit and shift momentum back in our direction.

With one final clear of the puck after a face-off win the kids counted down the time to their first ever Sled Hockey victory!

It was amazing watching the kids come together, work so hard, support each other, and have a blast.
Congratulations to the following kids for being the Champions of the very FIRST NorCal vs. SoCal Youth Sled Hockey game.
Ernesto Cappuccio
Isaiah Ahlstrom
Koda Inman-Ahlstrom (Scored the very first goal for this event)
Chris Rodriguez
Garnett Silver-Hall
and Zach Penick (Scored the game winning goal)

Daniel, we hope you get better fast, and Zach (little Zach) we hope to see you soon.

BORP kids ROCK!!!

Prep Team Takes 3rd at Nationals

The Bay Cruisers Prep Team returned from Colorado Springs, CO where they finished 3rd in the country.  The team, lead by Koda Inman-Ahlstrom, battled against teams from Oklahoma, Indiana, Georgia, and Michigan to make their way through the brackets.  Among the five players who were able to make the trip, Matthew Hatae and

Matthew Hatae

Ernesto in action

Ernesto Cappuccio set picks and played incredible defense throughout the tournament.  Daniel Diana, Koda and his cousin, Isaiah Ahlstrom ran the court and forced teams to double and triple team at times.  All five of the Bay Cruisers played with a ton of heart to make the games close.

It was a fantastic effort and Coach Richie Bennett got the kids to deliver everything they had to advance as far as they did.

After the tournament the kids had the opportunity to tour the United States Olympic Training Center and see some of the venues where the top US athletes are training in preparation for London.

Bay Cruisers visiting the U.S. Olympic Training Center

Sled Hockey in Oakland

Hello Hockey Fans!
This past weekend marked a milestone in the Bay Area as the BORP Youth Sled Hockey Program held their first games in Oakland.  The games were part of the Jordan Kocian Memorial Hockey Tournament which included over 20 additional able-bodied teams from around the Bay Area.
Three Sled Hockey games were played during the event marking the first time competitive sled hockey took place within the area. BORP’s Sled Hockey Program has been in existence for two years and up until now, has not been able to get games scheduled.
Keep your eyes open for more games in the near future.
Thank you to all that made this possible.

Varsity Team takes 3rd in Regionals!

Cruisers in Utah

Hello Cruisers!
I am so proud of our Varsity team for the effort they put out last weekend.  The Western Regional Tournament was held just outside Salt Lake City, UT and involved seven teams from the West Coast Conference.  BORP started the tournament shorthanded with two starters not eligible to play for academic reasons (GET TO SCHOOL!!!).  The rest of the team came together and gave everything they had.
During the Friday night game against San Diego, it was obvious that the change in line-up had created a little difficulty for the team to adjust to.  The team worked hard, but did not click as they usually do.  As the game progressed the team started playing better and using team concepts but they had already fallen behind and wound up losing by 4 points.
On Saturday, the official tournament began and the team opened the day facing Seattle.  They worked amazingly well together and built a lead deep into the 2nd half.  The smurf twins (Christie and Cortney) came off the bench to pick Seattle’s big guy from one end of the court to the other.  Unfortunately, with about 10 minutes left in the game, the Christmas Elves came early and dropped a lid on the basket.  They continued to work as a team and get wide open lay-ups, but they just wouldn’t fall.  Seattle pulled back and took the lead, eventually winning by four.
That loss dropped the Cruisers into the losers bracket of a double elimination tournament.  With their backs against the wall, the team faced a tough Denver team.  Denver has probably the top point guard in the country and was able to keep it a close game in the first half.  In the second half, we switched things up and had Koda running the point.  This gave James more opportunity to work away from the ball and they were able to run the court with picks from Christie, Cortney, and Zach.  William and Reajean continued to set up off-side and get their shots once the team over committed to Koda and James.  Working together, the Cruisers were able to advance to the next round.
In the final game of the day the Cruisers met up with a determined Phoenix team.  Phoenix had advanced over Seattle by coming from behind to tie their game with only 2 seconds left and winning the game in overtime.  They were confident and energized and only one team could advance.  The Cruisers jumped on them from the start.  Zach was a picking machine and Koda and James ran the court.  William and Raejean picked up the offside buckets when Phoenix could stop the transition, and Cortney and Christie continued to work on both sides of the court.  BORP continued to pull away and post a 40 point victory.
Saturday night finished with an All-Star game with players selected from each team.  BORP was represented by James Bohnet, Koda Inman-Ahlstrom, and Zach Penick.  All three players played incredibly well and represented their teammates great.  The game wound up a tie and was a fitting end to a long day on the court.
Sunday began with the rematch between BORP and San Diego.  The Cruisers were ready to get even for the loss on Friday night and move further into the tournament.  During the first half, San Diego worked hard to build a 10 point lead.  With 5 minutes left, the Cruisers began reeling them in and were able to tie the game with 10 seconds left in the half.
Unfortunately, the Cruisers could not break the press in the 2nd half and turnovers plagued the team.  The defense played amazing and held San Diego to only 39 points.  Unfortunately the Cruisers could only get 30 points on the board themselves.
With that loss, the Cruisers finished 3rd in the Region and missed out on an automatic qualification to Nationals.  Looking forward, the return of the other two players will make a significant difference in the team’s ability to deal with the press, and also help balance the scoring.
The tournament ended with Utah winning the Championship and San Diego in 2nd.
James Bohnet was named Tournament MVP and was awarded a trophy that is bigger than he is.

James and his Tournament MVP Trophy!

The team is looking so much better than the past two years and it is going to be a great season.

2011 Opening Day

Hello Cruisers!
I want to remind everyone about Opening Day on Sep. 10.
This is going to be an amazing event and our BORP parents are putting together a wonderful event.
We will be showcasing our programs and celebrating the success the kids had with the Summer Energy Challenge.
The Prep and Varsity basketball teams will be playing against anyone that wants to go against them, and we will be presenting our summer awards.
This is also the kick-off to the 2011-2012 basketball season.  The Prep and Varsity teams have been working their butts off over the summer.  The kids have pushed over 1200 miles on the basketball court, and have pushed and cycled over 2000 miles to get ready for the season.  We are so proud of these kids and want the world to share in their successes.
Please pass this on to everyone you know.
Get ready for an amazing season.

What a Day!

Hello Cruisers!!
Just when you think it can’t get any better, the BORP Jr. Adventure Program takes the kids water skiing.  What an amazing day.
all dragged themselves out of bed at the crack of dawn to load the bus to Sacramento.  DSUSA hosted us for the day and it was incredible.
You will have to talk to your teammates for the details.
Remember, there is still time to register for the rest of the activities for the summer.
Cycling in the Presidio
Rock Climbing
White Water Rafting
Wheelchair Basketball Camp
Trapeze Arts

BORP Youth Summer Update

Hello Cruisers!!
I want to say that it was an amazing week at the rowing camp and I really want to thank Jessie, Dave, and all the kids that helped out this week at Oakland Strokes.  It was awesome.
I’m really proud of the kids for trying something totally different.
Tomorrow we return to our cross-training schedule for the varsity team.  Prep athletes will go directly to the gym.
So far the 2011 Summer Energy Challenge has been amazing.  So far the Athletes have traveled over 560 miles and burned over 90,000 calories.  We are on the road to meeting our overall goal of 2000 miles and 250,000 calories.  Remember, every activity counts.
On Sunday we have a great day planned.  First, we have Sled Hockey starting at 10:15.  We need everyone at the ice center by 9:30 to get geared up.  We will have a guest skater this weekend at Sled Hockey,  A member of the U.S. National Sled Hockey Team will be in town to visit the kids.
On Sunday afternoon we will be celebrating summer with a BBQ and picnic at Roberts Regional Recreation Area.

Please see the attached flyer for all details. BORP BBQ and PICNIC
PLEASE NOTE:  There is an accessible swimming pool and play area.  Bring your suits!
IMPORTANT:  Please RSVP as soon as you can and let me know how many people you plan to bring so I know how much food to get.  Also, transportation is available – please let me know if any youth will need to ride the BORP bus.
This is for youth AND their families.  GOOD TIMES!
On Sunday, July 17, we will be celebrating summer with a BBQ and picnic at Roberts Regional Recreation Area.
Please see the attached flyer for all details.
PLEASE NOTE:  There is an accessible swimming pool and play area.  Bring your suits!

IMPORTANT:  Please RSVP as soon as you can and let me know how many people you plan to bring so I know how much food to get.  Also, transportation is available – please let me know if any youth will need to ride the BORP bus.
This is for youth AND their families.  GOOD TIMES!