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Soccer Fun!

Hey Everyone,
Today was a wonderful day of soccer across the board, not just for BORP Crushers and Earthquakes but the Hollister Free Wheelers and the San Jose Rockets. All the teams have clearly focused on their passing and teamwork and exciting, attacking end-to-end play was on display in every game. I didn’t want the day to end and can’t wait for our next games in June.
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and especially Chris Finn for hosting my Birthday Poker Slam ($1,000!) and organizing the big group “Happy Birthday to You” singing at the games. So far being 60 is pretty cool!

BORP Scores
Free Wheelers 3 – Crushers 2
Goals: Jake Bath 1, Stanley Kuang 1
Assists: Milo Balcziunas 1

Earthquakes 7 – Rockets 1
Goals: Kendra Scalia 4, Brandon Johnson 1, Brian Larson 1, John Madigan 1
Assists: Johnson 4, Madigan 1, Scalia 1

Earthquakes 3 – Free Wheelers 0
Goals: Madigan 2, Scalia 1
Assists: Madigan 1, Scalia 1

Rockets 2 – Crushers 1
Goals: Balcziunas 1


Milo and Jake invited to apply for USA Team!

In October/November 2013, the first ever international Powerchair Football tournament for national teams made up of players 18-and-under will take place in Paris.

Milo in traffic.

Milo in traffic.

The United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA) will be sending a team to this event and I am delighted to report that 2 BORP players have been invited by the USPSA to submit applications to participate. These players are: BORP Crushers Jake Bath (13) and Milo Balcziunas (12).

Jake moving the ball.

Jake moving the ball.

The deadline for applications is April 23. The selection process after that time will be determined by the number of responses. Only 6 players will make the team.

Both Jake and Milo’s families have started on-line fundraising campaigns to support their potential participation.

Glendale Invitational

Congratulations to the BORP Bay Earthquakes for an excellent showing in the Glendale Invitational on April 6-7!

The Earthquakes went 3-1-1 with wins over the Desert Outlaws, the Glendale Rough Riders and the Arizona Heat Elite. The loss (1-3) and the tie (1-1) were both against the SoCal Vaqueros.

The tournament showed that the Earthquakes are on track for a strong performance at the Premier Conference Cup in Minneapolis (June 21-23).

Thanks to all the families and friends who helped make this trip possible and supported the team at the event!


PS: Just added to the calendar:
Home tournament at James Kenney on June 1.  No other details at this time.

BORP Power Soccer Rocks!


The BORP Bombers, Crushers and Bay Earthquakes hosted tournaments on March 2 and 9 and all 3 teams thrilled their fans and coaches with non-stop spirited play and excellent teamwork. It is clear that all the players are having fun and making the most of every opportunity to be competing and cheering for their teammates. A highpoint for me today was seeing so many Bombers players come out to support the other BORP teams even though they had no games or practice. This community spirit and competitive fire starts with the coaches and so a big thank you to Chris, Kendra, Julie, Joe, Steve, Rich, Evonn, and Travis for providing wonderful leadership and commitment to the improvement of every athlete.

Congratulations to Vasilis Rousseas for his new baby and his first Earthquake goal!

March 2 and 9 records

Crushers: 4 wins, 1 tie
Earthquakes: 1 win, 1 tie
Bombers: 2 losses

Individual totals
Player – Goals – Assists
Ruby – 1 – 2
Milo – 2 -3
Stanley – 8 – 1
Cosmo – 0 – 1
Ian – 5 – 3
Jake – 9
Kendra – 3 – 3
Brandon – 3 – 1
Vasilis – 1

BORP Power Soccer ROCKS!

The BORP Bay Cruisers are the Western Conference Champs!

The 2013 Western Conference Champion BORP Bay Cruisers

The 2013 Western Conference Champion BORP Bay Cruisers. Photo courtesy of Loren Bohnett.

The BORP Bay Cruisers Varsity team went to Portland, Oregon on March 2 & 3 on a mission.  The team needed to win the Conference Championship in order to ensure a spot in the National Championship Tournament in April.  Entering the weekend, BORP was ranked #7 in the country and secured the top seed in the tournament.

The games were and hosted by the newly resurrected Portland Wheelblazers program. 

The first game pitted BORP against a younger Rancho team from Los Angeles.  Just a couple of years ago, Rancho was the team to beat, but now they are in a rebuilding phase and simply could not keep up with the Cruisers.  James Bohnett sliced through their defense at will, and Koda Inman-Ahlstrom and Chris Rodriguez nailed open shots when the defense collapsed.  Zach Penick, Christie Levine, and Cortney Outman opened the court up with relentless picking, and Rancho simply did not have an answer for BORP’s team speed.  Defensively it was like watching bees swarm, and the Cruisers denied vision and opportunity every time Rancho touched the ball.  By halftime, the game was clearly in hand.  BORP’s coaching staff decided that James should embrace a new challenge, and he was handed the board to coach the 2nd half, with support from the staff.

It was a great opportunity for him to see things from the coaches’ point of view, and the team followed his direction to the first victory of the day.  The highlight of the game was provided by Christie.  With less than 5 minutes left, BORP ran a play to get her an open shot from the left baseline.  After working on this for a while in practice it was her time to shine in a game.  Getting a screen from a teammate and a great pass from Koda, she reared back and launched her first basket in competition.  The look of shock and excitement on her face was priceless.  The team crushed Rancho 40-16.

Next up was Team St. Luke’s from Spokane, WA.  Always a great match-up, the Cruisers have not lost to St. Luke’s this season.  The pace of the game was great but neither team was able to pull away in the first half.  James got into foul trouble early, getting his 3rd foul on a questionable call with under 10 minutes left in the half.  On the very next possession he got his 4th foul on a ridiculous call at half court.  That sparked a technical foul from the bench, and cut the Cruisers’ lead to 2 points.

Then St. Luke’s star Josh Brewer must have felt left out so he decided to pick up his 3rd and 4th fouls to match James.

With both stars from their respective teams handcuffed with fouls, the tempo of the game changed.   Koda took control of the game and was able to find James and Chris with some excellent passing.  He scored 8 of his 20 points in the second half and added 6 more assists.  Chris balanced out the attack with 8 points and Zach pulled down some huge rebounds while protecting the paint.  Christie and Zach continued to set picks relentlessly to get their teammates open, and Cortney was amazing at talking her teammates through the switches and assignments.  The team pulled out a close win over Spokane, and against all odds, James managed to avoid fouling out of the game.

Action from the 2013 Western Conference Championship Tornament in Portland, Oregon

Action from the 2013 Western Conference Championship Tornament in Portland. Photo courtesy of Loren Bohnett.

That win put the team into the semi-finals against Phoenix.  Last year, Phoenix shocked the world by not only upsetting BORP in the semifinals, but also by winning the Conference Championship.

A tough team with tremendous speed and great court awareness, Phoenix faced a Cruisers squad that showed up especially focused and determined.  Koda set the tone immediately, hitting his first six shots on his way to 20 points in the first half.  James added 19 of his own, and William Luong and Chris added six more to the first half totals.  Christie, Cortney, and Zach continued to pick, seal, and defend tenaciously to open the court up for their teammates.  In the second half BORP ran a more controlled, patient style offense to work out some kinks.  Late in the game, Christie got around a screen and was able to get another basket to fall. 

With five minutes left, BORP’s speed line-up entered to run “the Great Wall of China”, where they seal off all the opponents in the back-court to give Cortney a chance to shoot.  It took a few tries to get the seals right, but finally James was able to get a great pass off to Cortney and she sank her first bucket in a game.  It was great seeing how hard this team works for each other so they can each shine.  The team went on to post a 71-41 victory to advance to the finals.

The finals would be a rematch of what is turning into a fantastic rivalry between two great teams.  Utah has a huge team, not only in the number of athletes they have, but the actual size of their players.  They are led by a 6’7″ center and have three other players over 6′.  Their team is bigger, faster, can shoot better, and almost all of them have very low level of impairment.  BORP kids, on the other hand, have heart.  There is no match for that and coming into the game BORP had beaten Utah three out of the last four times the teams faced off. 

The game was an instant classic.  Utah took an early 8-2 lead off a couple of missed BORP opportunities, but the Cruisers were getting great looks.  BORP realized that they were breaking down the Utah defense and finally got on track to come back and take the lead.  The lead changed constantly throughout the game and neither team was willing to fold.  Zach and Christie switched off and continued to pressure the big guy every inch of the court until he finally got so frustrated and tired that he asked his coach to take him out.  Still, even with him on the bench, BORP could not pull away.  With three minutes left, Utah had a 4-point lead and it was time to make a move.  James took control of the game and he and Koda combined for the final ten points to take the lead a one-point lead.  To win, Utah needed to inbound the ball, go the length of the court and score in just under 11 seconds.  On the inbound, Koda and William pressured the ball.  Zach, Chris, and James defended the big guy on the block and kept him from getting a good look at the bucket.  A pick came up to free the Utah guard and William and Koda fought through it and pressured the guard into throwing a pass before he was in a good position and James shot out and stole the pass with two seconds left to seal the victory.  It was an amazing game, with the Bay Cruisers pulling out a 51-50 win over Utah.

photo of scoreboard: BORP 51, Utah 50

Final score: BORP 51, Utah 50. Photo courtesy of Loren Bohnett.

With that win, BORP became the 2012-2013 West Coast Conference Champions with a record of 13-2 on the year and advance to the National tournament for the first time in several years as a Varsity team.  It was an incredible TEAM accomplishment. As Coach Trooper Johnson said, “it is so incredible to see how this group of kids have come together to support each other, to make sacrifices for each other, and to work so hard to put their teammates in a position to shine.”  BORP’s picking line of Cortney, Christie, and Zach rarely get a chance to shoot (as Zach says, “I’m not programmed for that”) but they worked their butts off knowing that their individual efforts would lead to team success. 

Close up of the Championship trophy.  It reads: CHAMPIONS, 2013 West Coast Conference Championship Tournament, Portland, Oregon

The Championship trophy. Photo courtesy of Loren Bohnett.

Congratulations to the 2013 Western Conference Champs!  Next up, Nationals…

New Athletic Opportunity for Athletes of All Abilities

Hey All,

The Cal Triathlon team is opening up their program to all athletes.

You do not have to be a triathlete (or a Cal student) to take 
advantage of this opportunity, just be someone who would like to 
train and participate in any (or a combination of any) of triathlon's 
If you are interested, please read the following message from the 

Cal Triathlon Team and/or if you know someone who might be 
interested, please help spread the word.

Go Bears!
One look at the sport’s rich rich history, as well as our team’s
background and mission statement, will tell you that we have 
always held to the belief that triathlon is for anyone and everyone. 
Starting spring 2013, Cal triathlon will officially be an all-inclusive 
team. We would like to invite athletes of all abilities to come 
to our recruitment meeting on February 4th, 2013 at 7:00 PM 
(location TBA).

Why join?
•	Be part of the best collegiate team in the nation.
•	Stay active. Stay Healthy.
•	Have a dedicated coaching staff with an optimum training 
•	Meet a friendly group of triathletes that loves to train just as 
        much as you do.
•	Find a training buddy that will keep you motivated throughout 
        the year.
•	Have access to training facilities and equipment (with the 
        support from BORP**).
•	Have the opportunity to represent UC Berkeley in races all 
        around California.
•	Challenge your limits in relay races or full triathlons.
•	And most important, a wide range of team practices designed        
        for all abilities.

Training Schedule
•	Swim: Hearst Pool @ 3:00 PM
•	Run: Hearst @ 4:15 PM
•	Run: Krobert @ 4:00 PM
•	Bike: The Farm @ 5:00 PM
•	Bike: RSF spin room @ 4:00 PM
•	Swim: Golden Bear Pool @ 7:00-8:10 PM
•	Swim: Golden Bear Pool @ 8:10-9:00 PM
•	Run: Edwards Track @ 5:00 PM
•	Swim: Hearts Pool @ 8:00 PM
•	Bike: Krobert @ 3:00 PM
•	Bike: Krobert @ 9:00 AM
•	Run: Krobert @ 9:00 AM
•	Swim: Spieker Pool @ 8:00 PM
Note: Practices are NOT mandatory. Come to as many or as little 
as your heart and body desires. All abilities are welcome.

Any questions?   
Find more information on our website: ;
or e-mail ! See you on Monday!
** Partnership with BORP**

For more than 30 years, Bay Area Outreach & Recreation 
Program (BORP) has been providing accessible sports 
and recreational programs to children, adults, and families 
all over the Bay Area. Cal Triathlon is honored to have 
the support of such a prominent non-profit organization.


BORP Bay Earthquakes Report

The BORP Bay Earthquakes hosted the SoCal Vaqueros and Hollister Free Wheelers at the James Kenney Recreation Center on Saturday, January 26 for four action-packed contests.  The three teams all showed that they are capable of tremendous team play as well as individual brilliance.


John Madigan looks to score (Photo Credit: John Kirkmire)

The Earthquakes tinkered throughout the day to find an effective attack and finish and finally found their mojo in the 2nd half of the final game. Down 3-0 at halftime to SoCal, the Earthquakes broke through with a goal 3 minutes into the 2nd half, scored again 6 minutes later and came up with the equalizer in stoppage time to earn a nerve-wracking 3-3 tie. John Madigan (2 goals) and Brian Larson (1 goal) turned three Brandon Johnson passes into scoreboard gold and Margaret Mele and Lateef McLeod shared the goalkeeping honors.

Brandon Johnson about to pass (Photo Credit: John Kirkmire)

Brandon Johnson about to pass (Photo Credit: John Kirkmire)

Other results

Game 1 SoCal 2 – Earthquakes 1 (Goal – Madigan)

Game 3

Steve and John watch the soccer ball

Photo Credit: John Kirkmire

Next home games

March 2: BORP Bombers and Crushers host Santa Barbara
March 9: BORP Bay Earthquakes and Crushers host San Jose Rockets and Hollister Free Wheelers.


Thanks to Diane, Kendra, Margaret, Chris, Solange, malia, and everyone who contributed to the delicious lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages.

Thanks to the score table volunteers and the officials: Sheila, Marc, Dan, Saul, Michael, John and Alfonso for helping the competition run smoothly and efficiently.

Thanks to the teams (players, coaches, staff) for the wonderful play and sportsmanship.

Thanks to Todd Kerr from the Berkeley Times for his support and keep your eye out for an article about today’s competition soon.

Thanks to Santiago and Senda Athletics for the new balls and ball bag (best power soccer ball on the planet!) and their support of BORP.

And homage of the highest order to Joe Carrow and Robert Book for their dedication to getting every athlete in the best equipment possible (and keeping them all running)!