Soccer Fun!

Hey Everyone,
Today was a wonderful day of soccer across the board, not just for BORP Crushers and Earthquakes but the Hollister Free Wheelers and the San Jose Rockets. All the teams have clearly focused on their passing and teamwork and exciting, attacking end-to-end play was on display in every game. I didn’t want the day to end and can’t wait for our next games in June.
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and especially Chris Finn for hosting my Birthday Poker Slam ($1,000!) and organizing the big group “Happy Birthday to You” singing at the games. So far being 60 is pretty cool!

BORP Scores
Free Wheelers 3 – Crushers 2
Goals: Jake Bath 1, Stanley Kuang 1
Assists: Milo Balcziunas 1

Earthquakes 7 – Rockets 1
Goals: Kendra Scalia 4, Brandon Johnson 1, Brian Larson 1, John Madigan 1
Assists: Johnson 4, Madigan 1, Scalia 1

Earthquakes 3 – Free Wheelers 0
Goals: Madigan 2, Scalia 1
Assists: Madigan 1, Scalia 1

Rockets 2 – Crushers 1
Goals: Balcziunas 1


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