Milo and Jake invited to apply for USA Team!

In October/November 2013, the first ever international Powerchair Football tournament for national teams made up of players 18-and-under will take place in Paris.

Milo in traffic.

Milo in traffic.

The United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA) will be sending a team to this event and I am delighted to report that 2 BORP players have been invited by the USPSA to submit applications to participate. These players are: BORP Crushers Jake Bath (13) and Milo Balcziunas (12).

Jake moving the ball.

Jake moving the ball.

The deadline for applications is April 23. The selection process after that time will be determined by the number of responses. Only 6 players will make the team.

Both Jake and Milo’s families have started on-line fundraising campaigns to support their potential participation.


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