BORP Power Soccer Rocks!


The BORP Bombers, Crushers and Bay Earthquakes hosted tournaments on March 2 and 9 and all 3 teams thrilled their fans and coaches with non-stop spirited play and excellent teamwork. It is clear that all the players are having fun and making the most of every opportunity to be competing and cheering for their teammates. A highpoint for me today was seeing so many Bombers players come out to support the other BORP teams even though they had no games or practice. This community spirit and competitive fire starts with the coaches and so a big thank you to Chris, Kendra, Julie, Joe, Steve, Rich, Evonn, and Travis for providing wonderful leadership and commitment to the improvement of every athlete.

Congratulations to Vasilis Rousseas for his new baby and his first Earthquake goal!

March 2 and 9 records

Crushers: 4 wins, 1 tie
Earthquakes: 1 win, 1 tie
Bombers: 2 losses

Individual totals
Player – Goals – Assists
Ruby – 1 – 2
Milo – 2 -3
Stanley – 8 – 1
Cosmo – 0 – 1
Ian – 5 – 3
Jake – 9
Kendra – 3 – 3
Brandon – 3 – 1
Vasilis – 1

BORP Power Soccer ROCKS!


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