President’s Cup

Hey Crushers Fans,

I was reffing so much I hardly got to see the Crushers at all but here are the results. Perhaps Chris and the team/supporters can provide some reports on their experience?


Pool Play
Crushers 1 – Henry County Hot Shots 3
Crushers 4 – Vermont Chargers 2
Crushers 2 – DASA Firecrackers 2

Crushers 3 – RHI Inferno 1
Crushers 0 – Courage Blizzards 8

Crushers finished 4th in their pool and played the top team from the other pool in the quarterfinals.
Crushers 0 – Turnstone Furious Flyers 6

After their loss in Quarterfinals the Crushers were matched up with Henry County in a consolation semifinal

Consolation Semifinal
Crushers 0 – 2 Henry County

7th Place Game
Crushers 1 – Madison Marauders 2
Crushers finish 8th (out of 12)

Individual Totals

CRUSHERS Goal Assist
Balcziunas 5 2
Bath 1
Mele 2 6
Kinmont 3

About 1/3 of ALL the games at the Presidents Cup were broadcast and can be viewed at:

I believe Crushers were broadcast twice. It’s a little hard to find them in the archives and the quality varies.
Crushers v Blizzards on Friday
First Half:
Second half:

Crushers v Hot Shots

Local TV news piece:

Final Results
1. Courage Blizzards – Minnesota
2. Turnstone Furious Flyers – Indiana
3. Hollister Free Wheelers – California
4. Indy Cruisers – Indiana
5. Henry County Hot Shots – Indiana
6. DASA Firecrackers – Missouri
7. Madison Marauders – Wisconsin
8. BORP Crushers – California
9. Lakeshore Power – Alabama
10. Vermont Chargers – Vermont
11. Courage Avalanche – Minnesota
12. RHI Inferno – Indiana


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