Take a break from the holiday madness with some Goalball

Hey Everyone,

Please mark your calendars to attend the Seventeenth BORP Goalball Tournament. And please help us by spreading the word (flier attached).

The tournament will be held on Sunday, December 11, 2011 from 10:00 am – 5:30 pm at the James Kenney Recreation Center, 1720 8th Street, Berkeley.

Last year’s champions, Raw Energy, are back intact to defend their title from 5 other powerhouse teams hungry for the top of the podium including:
Sacramento River Bats led by long-time USA Team member and ParaPan Games Silver Medalist, Joe Hamilton.
Lighthouse Lightning featuring former USA Paralympian Brandon Young.

Pool A: Raw Energy, Lighthouse Lightning, LCD
Pool B: 2 1/2 Men, Sacramento River Bats, Indecisive Bunnies

10:00: Raw Energy vs. LCD
10:30: 2 1/2 Men vs. Indecisive Bunnies
11:00: Lighthouse Lightning vs. LCD
11:30: Sacramento River Bats vs. Indecisive Bunnies
12:00: Raw Energy vs. Lighthouse Lightning
12:30: 2 1/2 men vs. Sacramento River Bats
1:00: Lunch Break
2:00: Pool A 3rd Place vs. Pool B 2nd Place
2:30: Pool B 3rd Place vs. Pool A 2nd Place
3:00: Semifinal 1: Pool A 1st vs. 2:00 Game Winner
3:30: Semifinal 2: Pool B 1st vs. 2:30 Game Winner
4:00: 5th Place Game: 2:00 Game Loser vs. 2:30 Game Loser
4:30: 3rd Place Game: Semifinal 1 Loser vs. Semifinal 2 Loser
5:00: 1st Place Game: Semifinal 1 Winner vs. Semifinal 2 Winner
5:45: Awards Ceremony


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