Bombers Taste Victory in January Matchups

Bombers go 2-0 Against Steamrollers and Ghostriderz

Bombers 1 Steamrollers 0
The Bombers played phenomenal defense throughout the day on Sunday January 23rd beating both the San Jose Steamrollers Express and the Fresno Ghostriderz in back-to-back nail biters at the James Kenney campus in Berkeley. 

 The Bombers veteran player Emile Perry scored 14 minutes into the first half pushing the ball into the near post as both teams scrambled for control in  front of the Steamrollers goal.  The Bombers did not score any more in that game but the one goal was enough as the team displayed their outstanding defensive abilities for the next 26 minutes of play.  Keepers Luis Campos and “Hong” Leoang stopped multiple scoring opportunities as the Steamrollers fought to battle back.  Milo Balcziunas, Tyrone Cobb, Jessica Roeckl-Navazio, Eddie Contreras and Alexa McBride all contributed to the defense, keeping the Steamrollers scoreless throughout the game. 

Bombers 1 Ghostriderz 0
Redemption was the name of the game as the reconstituted Bombers (combined Hard Drivers/Bombers squad) faced off against the Ghostriderz, a team that had spanked the Hard Drivers 8-0 in their last match up and had been defeated by the Bombers 3-0.  The Bombers pulled out a 1-0 win over the Ghostriderz this time with the game scoreless through the first half of play. Once again Emile Perry  was able to find the goal with just six minutes left in regulation play.  Both teams played terrific defense but the Bombers were able to take advantage of the meager scoring opportunities while the Ghostriderz could not.   The next power soccer games are February 12th with the Earthquakes playing in Hollister and the Crushers and Bombers having an intrasquad matchup at James Kenney.

 Go BORP Power Soccer Teams!!!


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