Goalball Tournament XVI Report

Hello Everyone,

An exciting, full day of goalball ended in a riveting title game decided by a last minute goal. Raw Energy (Karla, Roger, Nick) fought back from a 5-3 first half deficit to win the championship 7-6 over the Shot Callers (Khemnes, Victor, Bill, Jairo). Third Place went to NoCal Earthquake (Ahmad, Jon Simeone, Matt) who used a 5-0 first half to take seeming control of what turned out to be a tense 6-4 victory over the Sacramento River Bats (Joe, Christella, Sergio, Jon Marcotte). The Dominators (Maryann, Seung, Philip) and Team Lighthouse (Richard, Shen, Arlena, Erin, Zohar) cranked up the offense for a Fifth Place game battle that saw the Dominators on the winning end of a 10-7 result.

Massive thanks to:

Our Sponsors
Ongoing generous support from our sponsors is a huge factor in being able to provide a high quality event in all its particulars year after year.
Innovative Interfaces (16 years), Nakashima Fine Arts (16 years), Sue Johnson, Custom Lamps and Shades (15 years), TranSports (14 years), Vision Faire Optometry (12 years), Zander Associates, Environmental Consultants (10 years), CamelBak (5 years).

Our Volunteers
 From veterans to rookies all the volunteers worked hard to contribute to a smooth running event and competition. 15 year honors went to Scot Goodman, Bill Johnson and Andy Jokelson. 10 year honors to Leslie Zander. Special volunteer thanks to Heather Robinson for gracefully handling the crazy neighborhood lady, Scot Goodman, Stephanie Parker and Ashley Gibson for working the whole day, Janet Ziegle, Larry Joe, Loren Corotto and Don Misumi for their score table expertise and training assistance, Bill Johnson for training all the Goal Judges and Dawn Nakashima for the wonderful shirt design and staying up late making the sponsor banner.

Our Lunch Chefs
Outstanding sandwiches and dessert from Sharan Ikeda with able assistance from her son, Kazu.

Raw Energy 9 – The Dominators 5
NoCal Earthquake 10 – Team Lighthouse 0
Shot Callers 11 – The Dominators 2
Sacramento River Bats 11 – Team lighthouse 3
Shot Callers 8 – Raw Energy 4
Sacramento River Bats 2 – NoCal Earthquake 1

Raw Energy 7 – Team Lighthouse 3
NoCal Earthquake 6 – The Dominators 2
Raw Energy 7 – Sacramento River Bats 6
Shot Callers 2 – NoCal Earthquake 1
5th Place: The Dominators 10 – Team Lighthouse 7
3rd Place: NoCal Earthquake 6 – Sacramento Rive Bats 4
1st Place: Raw Energy 7 – Shot Callers 6

Team Statistics
Raw Energy scored 34 goals and gave up 28 in 5 games.
Shot Callers scored 27 goals and gave up 14 in 4 games.
NoCal Earthquake scored 24 goals and gave up 10 in 5 games.
Sacramento River Bats scored 23 goals and gave up 17 in 4 games.
The Dominators scored 19 goals and gave up 33 in 4 games.
Team Lighthouse scored 13 goals and gave up 38 in 4 games.

Individual Scoring
Nick – 23 – Raw Energy
Joe – 13 – Sacramento River Bats
Roger – 10 – Raw Energy
Victor – 9 – Shot Callers
Jon Simeone – 9 – NoCal Earthquake
Philip – 9 – The Dominators
Ahmad – 8 – NoCal Earthquake
Seung – 8 – The Dominators
Jairo – 7 – Shot Callers
Shen – 7 – Team Lighthouse
Matt – 7 – NoCal Earthquake
Khemnes – 6 – Shot Callers
Arlena – 4 – Team Lighthouse
Bill – 4 – Shot Callers
Sergio – 4 – Sacramento River Bats
Jon Marcotte – 4 – Sacramento River Bats
Own Goals – 3
Richard – 2 – Team Lighthouse
Christella – 2 – Sacramento River Bats
Maryann- 1 – The Dominators

Hope to see all of you at BORP Goalball Invitational XVII.



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