Sam Craven named to US National Track & Field Team

Sam Craven, shot put, paralympics, BORP, track & field, wheelchair sports

Sam prepares to throw

Everyone that knows BORP knows Sam.  From the little 7-year old that rolled in the Bay-to-Breakers to the mountain of a man that everyone simply calls “Big Sam”.  


Sam Craven, BORP

Sam growing up with BORP

He has participated in everything BORP has to offer, past and present.  

Sam sled hockey, BORP

Sam practicing Sled Hockey

He helped lead the Bay Cruisers to two JV National Championships, one with a broken nose.  He has been a crash test dummy on the basketball court and has broken more frames than anyone I know.  On weekends when he has time you can still find him in the gym helping out with the Prep Team. 

wheelchair basketball, BORP

Sam prepares to dunk (okay, not really)

Recently he has been a little busy.  He has been training, attending camps, and training some more with the US National Track & Field Team.  He has perfected his technique in the Shot put and is one of the top throwers in the country.  We are all excited to say that Sam Craven has just qualified for the US Paralympic Team for Track & Field. He will be competing in the 2011 IPC Athletics World Championships in Christchurch, New Zealand, January 21-30, 2011.  Congratulations goes out to the entire Craven family because we all know that behind every great athlete is a great group of people who get you to practice, patch you back up, dust you off, and help you become the best you can be.
From all of us at BORP – Congratulations Sam!



One response to “Sam Craven named to US National Track & Field Team

  1. That’s my cousin! We’re the same age and my family has pictures of us when we were little; that was the only time Sam and I were the same size. I call him Sam the Man, cuz that’s just what he is. I don’t see the Cravens much so i’m glad to have read this and can’t wait to see him compete!

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